Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A brief mention of two great friends

Gratuitous dachshund picture. I could not resist.
We just adopted George this weekend, the charming little guy on the left.
He and our dog Lacey, on the right, are already inseparable. It's a joy to watch them play together.
George lived with three different families before he was rescued by the Dachshund Rescue Association of North America. At the last house he was kept outside, all through winter. His ears were severely frostbitten. Remarkably, the hair grew back, though the ragged edges remain as a reminder of what he went through. I plan to keep him toasty warm for the rest of his life.
You'd never know George has had it so hard. He is gentle, loving, patient, and assumes everyone he meets, especially children, have come to see him.
A quick note about keeping a dog outside: um, why? Why take a pack animal from its pack, bring it into your "pack," but then not actually let live with your pack? Also, many breeds, like dachshunds, don't grow undercoats of fur. They are unable to withstand cold temperatures. This story of frostbite is not uncommon.
I love watching my two children with them. Caring for animals gives children a unique opportunity to develop nurturing skills and empathy for other living creatures.
George and Lacey are curled by my feet right now. Great dogs, both. Back to education topics next post!