Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Starting from the beginning

Yesterday was the first day of my internship AND my first day of this semester of evening classes at George Mason University. Last night I slept like a stone dropped to the bottom of a blue sea.

Most students in my program do their internships in the Spring--a few of us are doing them now, and I think we're lucky. Yesterday, for example, I was there when my cooperating professional, E., opened her classroom door with the key. We surveyed the piled furniture in a corner, the supplies stashed willy-nilly along a wall by others who had used the room over the summer. We sniffed the air. Then we dug in. E. described where and how she needed things, and A., the assistant teacher and I, set up. It was a very good lesson for me to see the state of a classroom when a teacher begins her year. An enormous shelf that she'd relied upon for storage had also disappeared over the summer, so the set-up had to be different from last year. We discussed and schlepped and labeled, and it was a very good day. It's a privilege to be there from the very beginning.


  1. You are fortunate to be there at the beginning. I think about all that our interns miss when they start in the spring - that planning, set up and prep and those early days with the students, setting routines and rules. Enjoy your time in the classroom.

  2. I really am enjoying it, Juliann, thanks. It feels great to be a help when there is so much to do to set up.

  3. I was just talking to a student teacher who is working in Grade 2 at my school, and she expressed the same thing. I agree - I think it is really valuable to see the very beginning of the year because you will have to do that alone at some point, in your own classroom - and observing someone else is key!