Thursday, October 15, 2009

Observing Glebe

I am observing in a 1st grade classroom this week at Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, VA. I feel very lucky to have this chance. Glebe has a very good vibe going--the staff and faculty smile and say a few collegial words to each other in the hallways. The children are engaged in good learning in so many ways, with good teachers and good resources. There is a busy hum here, and heck, look at this building! It's only five years old. It's a treat to enjoy this cutting edge educational architecture and design. Just to see the library alone is worth a trip to Glebe.
The teacher I'm observing couldn't be more kind or generous with her time and ideas. One of the things I need to develop is my classroom management skill, and I'm picking up many, many ideas from her.
The week is going too quickly--I already feel attached to these children, and I'll miss them when I'm done with the observation.
Thank you, Glebe!

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