Saturday, October 9, 2010

Half way through it

I am now half-way through this internship. It is something like finals week, except for 12 weeks in a row. The workload is extraordinary. I am learning so much that I can hardly keep up with the new ideas and new perspectives. I wish I was recording more in this blog, but truly, I'm doing all I can for the present. In mid-November I'll be through with the internship, and then I can pause, think, and write. And sleep. Oh, yes, there will be sleeping. And then I'll begin the process of searching for a teaching position, with applications and job interviews. Oh, my. Any tips for me, experienced teachers?


  1. There are always preschool teaching jobs in Seattle! =)

  2. Find a school where the climate is one of support, kindness and dedication. If it doesn't feel "right", then go with your intuitive self, and keep moving.
    It usually starts w/ the leadership.
    If I hear of anything, I'll pass it on.

  3. Tom is right - there are great schools in Seattle, especially coops!

    And Marla has it right on the money - when I started teaching, I had just moved to Seattle and I drove around and pulled over every time I saw a sign that said "preschool" and gave them a resume. I was so excited that I got an interview offer and then after the interview I was offered the job that I did not pause to find out more about the school and the philosophy. I was there for one year and I did not totally agree with the pedagogy and the "rules". So, in short, learn about the school and make sure that the teachers there are there for the children and not just for a paycheck. I think that working in private preschools and being paid by the hour (which is very very common in the US) means that not everyone is passionate. You'll find a good one, just be a bit picky!