Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new semester begins

I went back to school today; it's the first day of Spring semester at George Mason University. My break was long enough that I felt rusty and unsure of myself again. I could handle all my classes last time, but can I this time?

It feels a little like taking in a deep breath, and letting it out in mid-May.

So I went to class with a little of the first-day jitters, but now that I'm on my way again, I'm relieved. Clearly, I'm doing what I should be doing, because I love it. I'm one semester closer to my teaching license. My sense of purpose is very strong as I commute on the Metro, as I find my way to class, as I take my notes and ask my questions.

Welcome, Spring semester.

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  1. I have two classes left to go then I will have my master's wrapped up as well! I took a short break this year - If I hadn't I would already be done:( But now I am back in and will be done by April!!I am glad to see you have jumped back in and love it!